Alumni Event 2008 043Club activities supplement the academic curriculum through experiential learning in focused subject areas.  These Clubs are organized and lead by staff that have particular expertise the subject area and change depending upon the season and interests of the youth.  Participation in clubs allow students to learn a topic that isn’t normally offered in the class schedule and gain experience through participatory activities and fieldtrips.   See the list below for an example of some clubs offered:

Objectives for Sports and Fitness Club

  • Students will participate in an environment that promotes confidence and a willingness to try new things
  • Students will be able to recognize and explain the benefits of each club activity (and exercise in general) to their physical, mental, and social health
  • Students will participate in exploring and experimenting with non-traditional games and fitness activities
  • Students will participate in at least 3 non-traditional forms of games/exercise (i.e. rock climbing, trampoline sports, snow games, martial arts, dancing, roller or ice skating, backpacking, etc.)
  • Students will understand the basic rules for and participate in at least 3 traditional games/sports (i.e. biking, golfing, tennis, racquetball, volleyball, softball, basketball, badminton, skiing, etc.)
  • Students will demonstrate sportsmanship during all club activities.

Objectives for Photography Club

  • Students will demonstrate a basic understanding of elements related to photography composition including center of interest, subject placement, viewpoint, balance, shapes & lines, lighting, texture & tone, contrast, framing, foreground & background, and perspective
  • Students will learn to effectively operate a digital camera to produce quality images
  • Students will use a computer program and images they have captured to demonstrate image editing using layers, image size alteration, cropping, removal of unwanted elements, orientation, selective color change, enhancing images, sharpening & softening images, special effects, color adjustments, and printing
  • Students will be able to print their own images in the future using both computer-generated programs and photo centers located in the community
  • Students will produce a portfolio containing at least 5 images demonstrating competency in the above skills
  • Students will demonstrate proper care and maintenance of all equipment used in photography club

Objectives for Service Club

  • Students will be exposed to different types of service organizations and opportunities for possible careers involving service by touring at least one program (Utah Food Bank, Salvation Army, refugee office, animal shelters, literacy programs, etc.)
  • Students will be involved in the entire process to carry out successful projects including assessing needs, constructing a timeline, evaluating resources, planning and carrying out the project, and final evaluation
  • Students will focus service on local, community-based needs
  • Students will demonstrate knowledge and sensitivity to issues of culture, diversity, and social justice to ensure appropriate community engagement
  • Students will demonstrate critical self-reflection of their own assumptions and values before, during, and after the service opportunities
  • Students and advisors will document all service activities, take pictures, and keep logs of hours spent in order to maintain records for future resumes and classes students may need
  • Service club will organize a campus-wide service project to take place on the last Friday of the quarter

Objectives for Music Club

  • Students will demonstrate respect during the teaching-learning process in music club and contribute to the experience in a positive manner
  • Students will demonstrate technical performance skills including an understanding of the following:
    •  Tone, posture, and breathing
    •  Rhythm (attacks, releases, accents)
    • Intonation
    • Tempo
    • Harmony
  • Music club will organize a performance (for the Alpine campus and/or outside entities) which may include choral arrangements, small ensemble, and/or solo pieces
  • Students will listen to and describe styles of music as they relate to vocal techniques and will evaluate musical performances including their own and that of others
  • Music club will attend a concert off campus

Objectives for Arts and Crafts Club

  • Students will produce at least 3 different projects
  • Students will be exposed to several different materials (textile, wood, paper, ceramic, metal, etc.)
  • Students will increase their proficiency in the knowledge and use of equipment and supplies used for arts and crafts
  • Advisors will encourage and foster creativity and imagination within each student
  • Advisors will involve the students in pre-production whenever possible (i.e. picking out materials, creating the design, practicing fabrication techniques)
  • Students will learn how to effectively access outside resources (i.e. attend craft fairs, tour a variety of craft/fabric stores, learn how to look for classes in the community, access internet resources, etc.)

Objectives for Horsemanship Club

  • Students will be exposed to the physical characteristics and nature of horses
  • Students will learn basic principles of pleasure horse management (feeding, conformation, breeds, nutrition, diseases, behavior, etc.)
  • Students will be introduced to proper horse handling techniques including catching, tying, grooming, saddling, bridling, and mounting
  • Students will develop a clear understanding of the proper equipment required (bits, saddles, pads, halters, etc.), learn proper fitting of equine equipment, and be directly involved in the handling and care of the equipment at Alpine Academy
  • Students will learn and demonstrate safe riding skills (correct seat, reining, changing gait, cueing, etc.)
  • Students will understand horse behavior as it relates to accident potential, first aid for people and stock, and riding safety skills
  • Students will ride in a variety of environments, including both arena and trail

Objectives for College Planning Club

  • Students will be able to identify the factors to consider when choosing a college and accurately apply those considerations to their own circumstances
  • Students will identify a priority list of which colleges they would like to attend and be able to explain the rationale behind their choices
  • Students will explore and understand the differences between 2 and 4 year institutions and tour a campus of each
  • Students will understand their individual needs and expectations of a college and develop a personalized list of questions to ask during a college tour
  • Students will be able to use online recourses to explore college options and make informed decisions
  • Students will understand the college application process and, whenever possible, submit applications to appropriate college choices
  • With a particular college’s admission requirements in mind, students will understand the requirements of and the timeline for taking the ACT or SAT and, with further permission, register for upcoming test dates
  • Students will become familiar with the SAT testing format, develop a strategy for effective testing, and take a practice SAT