Athletic activity at Alpine Academy occurs in many different ways.  The athletic program as a whole is designed to create opportunities for students with a variety of athletic interests, from meditative yoga to competitive play.  Students at Alpine will be able to experience physical activity regardless of their individual skill, in a way that is fun and engaging.

Informal opportunities to exercise and be active are woven into the everyday routine at Alpine Academy.  The Fitness and Arts Center creates a great place for gathering and having fun for all the homes.     The Center is designed to allow a variety of activities to occur at once, keeping interest levels high, encouraging hours of active fun.  Outside the Fitness center is a large campus, great for running enthusiasts and an athletic field for those who want to be out in the sun when they play.  The objective of these facilities is to create accessible and entertaining ways for students to keep physically fit.

Throughout the year, Alpine provides a series of sports clinics that are designed to spark interest in team sports and increase skill level in specific areas.  These clinics provide the opportunity for students to build confidence and learn teamwork as they play together.  It also allows the girls to experience something different and challenging.  Each of these clinics runs approximately six weeks at a time.  Some examples of past clinics include:  soccer, volleyball, basketball and yoga.

The main objective of participating in competitive sports at Alpine is to provide an outlet for students to interact with the peers in their community in a healthy way.  Currently, Alpine participates in community soccer and basketball leagues.  Participation in these teams is voluntary. This allows those students who have particular skill and interest in a team sport to be a part of team and compete to improve their skills.  There are also community league team opportunities for girls to play softball and volleyball. Students can join community sports teams if they choose when it is consistent with their treatment plan.