Excursions & Recreation

Experiential learning is an important part of Alpine Academy.  We believe that helping our students experience the world through different activities and adventures enriches their therapeutic experience, learning, and skill generalization.  The treatment teams are also able to work with students in a variety of environments, which contributes to the overall effectiveness of care.

Arches National Park Adventure Trip

Granite Creek Wyoming Adventure Trip

Alpine is located next to a multitude of easily accessible activities and recreation.  Within minutes of campus are hiking and horse trails, swimming, bowling, golf, and volunteer opportunities.  Within a reasonable driving time Alpine students are able to participate in day trips to museums, arts festivals, state and county fairs, concerts, amusement parks, theater, and a plethora of additional outdoor activities like skiing, snowboarding, hiking, ice skating, water parks, and sledding.  Short activities like the ones listed here occur weekly and vary depending upon the season.

Alpine participates in adventure trips where students and staff go camping overnight.  During these trips the girls have the opportunity to be challenged in a different environment, display the leadership and peer relation skills they’ve learned, and create memories that will last a life time.  The emphasis is on growth and development, just as much as fun.  These trips are for all students and the costs are included in tuition fees.

Examples of past trips have included destinations like Arches National Park in Southern Utah  and Granite Creek Wyoming, just outside Jackson Hole.  All adventure trips consist of inspiring activities like breathtaking hikes, water rafting, experiential groups, educational opportunities, craft projects and much more.  Check out the calendar for the next scheduled adventure trip.

For those students and parents that have interest, we offer several optional trips each year that provide more specialized experiences for smaller groups of students. These trips are always changing depending upon availability and to create variety, but the aim continues to be providing therapeutic, service, and educational activities.  These activities are optional and therefore not included in the normal tuition.