alumni-event117Alpine Academy, founded in 2001, is a non-profit organization, owned by Utah Youth Village, founded in 1969. We are licensed as a residential treatment facility in the state of Utah and are certified as a non-public school.

Treatment takes place in a family-style environment, which increases opportunities to realize and teach to maladaptive behaviors. This multi-dimensional strategy is a catalyst providing a nurturing, individualized, and strength-based treatment environment.

Alpine Academy focuses on a therapeutically based family-style environment, with an emphasis on individualized treatment for each girl and her family. In addition to an intensive therapeutic environment, we provide comprehensive academic services. These services are provided by an accredited private school with small class size, academic plans tailored to meet each student’s needs, and a challenging yet supportive curriculum. Students may have individualized education programs, such as student-specific study at the university level, and specialized educational programs as needed.

Our parent company, Utah Youth Village, is one of the largest and oldest charities in Utah helping troubled children. It is the only organization in Utah certified to use the Teaching-Family Model, perhaps the most thoroughly researched treatment method for troubled children and families in use today. Those trained in the Teaching-Family Model provide security and love while teaching consistency and respect.

Click here for a research article on the Teaching-Family Model, from the American Psychological Association.

Average Length of Stay: 15 Months

Optimum Occupancy per Home: 8 to 10 Girls
Staff to Youth Ratio: 1:4
Populations Served: Females only, ages 12-18