Kimberly Reade, CMHC


Kimberly brings a wealth of experience from her personal and professional life that has greatly influenced her and allows her to connect with the students on a deeply personal level. Kimberly spent the early years of her life in the foster system before being adopted by a wonderful couple who were family teachers in a Teaching-Family Model home in Michigan. Growing up in this environment enabled Kimberly to see the value of the Teaching-Family Model and the benefit it has in helping children and families. These childhood experiences started to shape and influence her pursuit of an education in the behavioral sciences in hopes others can recognize and value their own personal growth, self-identity, and awe inspiring moments.

Kimberly received a Bachelor of Science in counseling psychology from the University of Great Falls, Great Falls Montana in 1999 and a Master of Science with an emphasis in Clinical Psychology from Capella University, Minneapolis, Minnesota in 2003. Kimberly has been a licensed mental health therapist since 2006, working with diverse and varied populations and cultures.

Before joining Alpine Academy, Kimberly worked in a variety of venues, including psychiatric hospitals, mental health facilities, and residential treatment centers providing crisis counseling and interventions, family therapy, and individualized treatment. Kimberly has also worked with many different populations, including active and retired military, adults and young adults, and children and adolescents. With these individuals Kimberly has helped them learn coping skills for reactive attachment issues, abandonment, grief and loss, conduct disorders, PTSD, Personality and psychotic disorders as well as suicidal and self-harming behaviors. Kimberly also has experience working with individuals with co-occurring disorders that include severe and persistent mental illness and substance abuse disorders.

When not spending time with her 3 grown daughters and 2 grandsons, Kimberly enjoys being outside in the sun or at the gym, where she teaches various fitness and weight lifting classes.  Kimberly is also a devoted road cyclist and has completed many marathons, half marathons and century rides. Kimberly also enjoys the arts, music and anything that involves being creative and encourages self-expression.