Wendolyn Green

Health Services Supervisor

Wendolyn has a Bachelors degree in Psychology from the University of Utah and a Masters degree in Health Care Administration from the University of Phoenix. As the Health Services Supervisor she is responsible for managing all of the student’s medical information, coordinating orders from the Psychiatric team, recording student vitals, supervising nursing services, and overseeing medication compliance throughout the program. She began working at Alpine Academy in 2008 as an Associate Family Teacher in the Oak Ridge home. She has a great passion for working with special needs children and was able to impact the lives of many Alpine girls before leaving to complete her Masters education and pursue her interest in autism research and services. While on her hiatus from Alpine, Wendolyn worked for the CDC doing autism surveillance and research support. This issue is close to her heart as she is the mother of a 13 year old son, Gavin, who has been diagnosed with autism.

Wendolyn has been married to her husband, Rick, since 2009. She is the proud mother of a son she was told would never be able to be in a typically developing classroom, and who is now a very active and verbal eighth grader, with minimal accommodations at a regular junior high school. The newest addition to her family is a German shepherd puppy named Jessy that is being trained as a companion dog for Gavin.