Brandi Garcia

Behavior Specialist/ Medical Technician

Brandi started working for Alpine Academy in 2007 as an Associate Family Teacher in the Pine Canyon Home. While working in the homes she proved to be highly skilled at working with the youth and meticulous in her administrative duties. After three years working in the home she made the transition to the school as the Behavior Specialist. In her role as the Behavior Specialist, Brandi aids in the development of the youth’s treatment plan and support youth as they participate in cognitive, behavioral, and other therapeutic services. As Brandi also shares her 8 years of experience in the medical field, she helps support the Medical Team in caring and treating the youth’s medical needs.

When Brandi isn’t home snuggling her fur babies, she is often sharing her passion, knowledge, and experience of Emergency Medicine and Fire Services to the students in her classes at Utah Valley University’s Utah Fire & Rescue Academy.

With her supportive tough love personality and passion of helping others, Brandi acts as a consistent safety resource for the youth during and sometimes after their journey here at Alpine Academy.