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With a solid foundation in evidence based treatment and education, Alpine Academy is always on the cutting edge of best practice.  Using well researched and proven methods, our program incorporates the most advanced modalities in use today coupled with a highly trained and expert staff.  We value an attitude of continuous development.
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A family-centered approach is the hallmark of our program. Students thrive as part of a family unit, where they are encouraged to grow and develop in an environment that is most like the one they will return to. Each student has a treatment team devoted to her safety and well-being. We believe that learning in a family environment builds insight and encourages long-lasting change.
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Our peaceful surroundings and welcoming facilities create a safe place for students to process complex clinical issues without distraction. Students benefit from treatment plans that are expertly devised to meet their individual needs and cater to their unique struggles.  From the moment you step on the campus you can feel the difference.
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