Eric Campus Photos 311Alpine Academy offers core and elective curricular options with appropriate age/grade level classes for each youth. Classes are taught by experienced educators who are licensed as highly qualified teachers in their content area.  A wide variety of electives and challenging classes create an academic setting that is rewarding and stimulating for students who are highly motivated to learn.  For students who lack academic self esteem, have learning disabilities, or have developed self-defeating behaviors around school, the comprehensive treatment team will identify underlying causes and target specific skills that will help the student meaningfully access the curriculum.

SAMSUNG DIGIMAX A503Our goal is that our students leave our program empowered with the skills they need to live happily and productively within their own families. We prepare both the student and the family for a stable transition from our structured treatment setting to their home environment- equipped with skills that will help them do well at home, in school, at work, and as a contributing member of their community.