Special education services are managed by a full-time special education teacher in accordance with Part B of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Instruction is accommodated and/or modified as outlined in a student’s IEP.

All core teachers at Alpine Academy are endorsed in both the subject they teach and in K-12 Special Education (mild/moderate), and our special education program qualifies Alpine Academy as a certified Nonpublic School with the state of California.

When a school district is involved in the placement and case management of a student, staff members at Alpine work closely with the home school to coordinate care and facilitate the requirements of the IEP. All accommodations listed in the IEP can be met at Alpine Academy with the exception of Speech and Language Services and Occupational Therapy. However, opportunities to contract with an outside provider may be available to meet those requirements.

Students without IEPs but who are in need of support

Although private institutions are not required by federal law to follow the very specific guidelines of IEP case management, a “best practice” would be to implement a similar system whereby reasonable accommodations can be set forth and provided for students who need services. To help your daughter meet her academic goals, we do exactly that.

Some students at Alpine Academy may need the documented support commonly provided in an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), but they have been privately placed by parents and do not have that plan in place. With permission from parents, the special education director at Alpine Academy can develop an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) which documents a student’s learning needs, present levels of performance, learning goals and progress towards them, and any accommodations needed in the classroom. This document provides valuable information to future schools and can be used to receive accommodations (i.e. extra time, small group setting) on standardized tests including the ACT and SAT.