Alpine Academy and two campuses, Lakeview campus for males and Mountain View campus for females, excel at changing the lives of teenagers, ages 12-18 (7th through 12th grades) with intense therapeutic needs. Below you will find all the information you need to ensure your student receives the treatment and support they deserve.

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    Alpine Academy is dedicated to serving those students and families whom our experience tells us can be successful with our unique approach. To that end, we do have certain admission requirements to ensure our school is the best fit for your student.

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      Tuition is calculated on a daily basis and includes:

      • Room and board
      • Therapeutic fees
      • Psychiatric fees
      • Academic fees
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        Frequently Asked


        Have a question before applying? We most likely have an answer for you! See our most commonly asked questions.

        Online Application

        To formally apply for admission to Alpine Academy and to provide additional information from your parental perspective, please fill out our Online Application, which is digitally submitted directly to us upon completion.  This application requires you to sign in with an email address and password of your choice, because it stores the information digitally, allowing you to save what you have done and work on it again in more than one sitting.

        Contact Us

        Have additional questions about admission requirements or our
        online application?