Can Alpine Academy change my daughter?

Alpine Academy provides a nurturing and therapeutic setting that is designed to facilitate growth and development in our students. Although each student will have her own individual experience, we find that the individual attention provided by our program helps students be the very best they can be, and prepares them for future success beyond residential treatment.

Aarika – Clinical Director
Ashley – Former Therapist
Becca – Alpine Alumna
Berkeley – Alpine Alumna
Beverly – Teacher
Cassaundra – Therapist
Christian – Admissions Director
Corrie – Former Director
Courtney – Alpine Alumna
Derek – Family Teacher
Eloise – Alpine Alumna
Eloise – Alpine Alumna
Helaine – Alpine Parent
Julie – Teacher
Kira – Alpine Alumna
Lea – Alpine Alumna
Lila – Alpine Alumna
Lila – Alpine Alumna
Melissa – Family Teacher
Pegeen – Teacher