How is Alpine different from other treatment centers?

In addition to providing comprehensive clinical services and top notch academics, one of the most notable differences you will find at Alpine is the family-style approach in our Residential Model. In our milieu setting students live in a home with 9 other students and a live in married couple who are highly trained in the Teaching-Family Model, one of the most widely researched and effective models in use today.

Becca – Alpine Alumna
Becca – Alpine Alumna
Brad – Residential Supervisor
Christi – Former Aftercare Coordinator
Christian – Admissions Director
Christian – Admissions Director
Colleen – Former Therapist
Corrie – Former Director
Dave – Former Family Teacher
Donna – Special Education Coordinator
Eloise – Alpine Alumna
Janet – Former Director
Jason – Residential Supervisor
Jeff – Residential Director
Julie – Teacher
Kimberly – Alpine Parent
Megan – Alpine Alumna
Mike – Former Family Teacher
Monique – Former Family Teacher
Nikki – Former Clinical Director
Shelle – Alpine Parent
Kira – Alpine Alumna