What are the first few days of Alpine Academy like?

The first few days at Alpine are understandably filled with emotion and a great deal of change. We recognize the critical nature of this time and take care to ensure that both parents and student feel supported. During this time the student will be learning about her new environment, meeting new friends, and getting to know her treatment team. Parents will be involved in daily communication with treatment staff for the first week, getting frequent updates on their daughter’s adjustment. Even with all this support, this will be a difficult time. We make every effort to ensure that the transition happens as smoothly as possible.

Becca – Alpine Alumna
Berkeley – Alpine Alumna
Brad – Residential Supervisor
Cassaundra – Therapist
Christian – Admissions Director
Corrie – Former Director
Courtney – Alpine Alumna
Donna – Special Education Coordinator
Eloise – Alpine Alumna
Eloise – Alpine Alumna
Julie – Teacher
Lea – Alpine Alumna
Lea – Alpine Alumna
Lila – Alpine Alumna
Melissa – Family Teacher
Mike – Former Family Teacher
Monique – Former Family Teacher
Nikki – Former Clinical Director