What does group therapy look like?

There are two main group therapy sessions, which each student participates in. In the Folder for Life group the student attends a group with their primary therapist and the other students on their caseload. In this group they cover the clinical curriculum which includes assignments developed by Alpine Academy to help elicit accountability, develop a sense of self, challenge maladaptive thoughts, and explore each students patterns of survival. We celebrate their survival and have created this curriculum to help them do more than survive, we want them to live.

The second group is the Healthy Relationship group. Each student participates in this group along with the other students with whom she lives. In this group they learn how to navigate relationships with others in a healthy way and give and accept feedback.

Becca – Alpine Alumna
Cassaundra – Therapist
Christi – Former Aftercare Coordinator
Christian – Admissions Director
Helaine – Alpine Parent
Jason – Residential Supervisor
Kimberly – Alpine Parent
Lila – Alpine Alumna
Nikki – Former Clinical Director