Therapeutic schools should welcome feedback from clients as this helps ensure the clients feel like an integral part of the team. Alpine Academy complaints and complimenting procedures doesn’t just welcome feedback, we actively seek it. Through a series of surveys completed on each employee at least once a year, students and parents are able to offer concerns, complaints, and praise in a completely confidential manner. Confidential interviews are also conducted quarterly on all students to make sure they feel they are safe and heard.

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The environment at Alpine Academy is extremely conducive to learning and improving life skills as well as academic skills. The Teaching-Family Model used at Alpine is nationally recognized as evidence-based by a number of bodies, including the American Psychological Association and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration. Research has shown that children and adolescents learn best in a family environment. That is was Alpine Academy provides. Alpine Academy is situated in a rural area at the base of the Oquirrh Mountains; this provides a quiet and calming physical environment for the sprawling 30 acre campus.

Students at Alpine Academy live in groups of 10 in a home that is run by a married couple that is trained and certified in the Teaching-Family Model. The students do many things together, from preparing and eating family meals, to chores and fun activities. Alpine Academy recognizes each student as an individual, not a label of problems she has had. Whether in the home, in school, or in therapy, the treatment team works with each student to develop the social, academic, and emotional skills that are required to turn a weakness into a strength. We recognize that no one is perfect and everyone has weaknesses, including us. Alpine Academy complaints are not seen as a personal attack, but as a way to improve. Through day to day interaction with students and parents to the more formal surveys and questionnaires, Alpine Academy is constantly trying to improve our ability to serve our students and families.

Alpine Academy complaints aralpine academy complaintse taken very seriously by the entire team. Whenever a complaint arises, we meet together to discuss details and find a resolution.We are always looking for ways to grow and, in so doing, ways to help our students grow.