We have had a lot of fun in our Vocation Club this past quarter.  The purpose of this club is to present out girls with different fields of work, typically those not pursued through traditional college.  We want them to see the valuable careers that can be obtained through specialty degrees or certification, but can also be enriching and enjoyable.  Each job site we visited, the girls learned some of the major components to the career such as length and cost of schooling, challenges and benefits of the job, and also some interesting experiences they could have in the field.  Since we were meeting with professionals in those occupation, they were able to share first hand experiences to help them understand what they might encounter.

This past quarter we visited the local fire department, a daycare, the police station, a restaurant focusing on culinary arts, and a school of cosmetology.  So how did the girls feel about it?  As one girl said, “You don’t have to get a doctorate degree to have an awesome career!”  Another student learned that “you can find your inner-self by doing something you like.”  We hope that through their experiences in this club, each girl can find that opportunity for herself, to prepare her for an excellent future.