Alpine Academy is located in the rural suburban community of Erda, which lies just 40 minutes west of Salt Lake City, Utah. The two campuses, Mountain View for females and Lakeview for males (opening in June, 2020), are only three miles apart from each other. Visitors should fly into the Salt Lake International Airport, which is only a 30 minute drive from campus. Hotel accommodations can be found in a variety of places easily accessible to campus. The neighboring communities of Erda, Lake Point and Tooele (pronounced Tuh wil’ uh), have hotels that are no more than 10 minutes from campus. A number of accommodations are conveniently located at the Salt Lake International Airport and downtown Salt Lake City.

Erda itself is considered a dry desert climate, but does experience all of the four seasons. Winter temperatures can get below zero and several feet of snow will cover the campus. During the heat of summer, temperatures can get above 100 degrees. Shopping and recreation opportunities are conveniently located within minutes of campus. Utah is known for its incredible mountain views, lakeside sunsets, and wide open spaces. Alpine is no exception as the location of campus allows students and visitors alike to enjoy the best of what Utah has to offer.