Family Teacher

Job Type

Full-time/live-in position

The position is located in Erda, Utah. Will require relocation to reside on our Therapeutic Boarding School (residential treatment center) campus.


From $40,000.00 per year

Living expenses paid, including home, company vehicles and gas, food for all meals for the entire family, fun family activities, etc. Save while you serve!


The opportunity to earn a “Good Tenant & Longevity Bonus” will be offered in the amount of $2500 the first year, $5000 the 2nd year, and $7500 the third year (for a total of $15,000) for those employees who keep their contract and stay for those time periods. Consider this a thank-you for doing an incredible job and an opportunity to start your next adventure!


Our two beautiful rural campuses sit at the base of the mountain in the Tooele Valley. It is a 30 minute drive west of Salt Lake City along the gorgeous scenic route of I-80 along the shore of the Great Salt Lake. Alpine Academy includes two campuses including the Mountain View Campus and Lake View Campus which are located approximately 3 miles from one another along the same road. Among other amenities, each campus includes several homes in which the youth reside, a school, therapeutic center, recreation center, and equine therapy with stables and riding rink.

Job Description

Do you want to help youth improve their lives by teaching behavioral and life skills, have living expenses paid including your housing, transportation, food, utilities, AND make $40,000?

Use an evidence-based model called the Teaching-Family Model to provide treatment to youth who are away from their homes and families for various reasons. No longer rely on your gut or your own intuition to know how to help, and no longer just babysit youth to make sure they eat, stay put, and don’t hurt themselves in a residential treatment setting; instead, teach youth the skills they need to change their lives and thrive in their natural homes, families, and communities and do so in a family-style home with an evidence-based model. Research reports the best place for children and youth to learn is in the home environment in a family setting with adults they trust. If you want to be one of those trusted adults, come heal and elevate lives through proven family solutions at Utah Youth Village/Alpine Academy. Be the embodiment of the saying from our founder, Lila Bjorklund, “Help one child, help generations to come.”

The Core Job Duties

As a Live-In Behavior Technician, you will:

  1. Live on our campus in a private attached apartment connected to the treatment home.
  2. Work in a pair of 2 as full time, live-in “house managers” to up to 10 youth living in a residential treatment center (including, but not limited to: developing relationships of trust, facilitating family activities, grocery shopping, and getting youth to school, therapy, and other their appointments)
  3. Participate in behavior modification by proactively teaching youth as part of their treatment including social skills, academic skills, coping skills and independent living skills
  4. Work with a team of behavioral specialists, teachers, and therapist to provide individual treatment to youth based on their personal and treatment goals
  5. Supervise 3-4 Behavior Technicians who are there to help you run the home and offer assistance with youth
  6. Complete paperwork and ensure accurate documentation including budgets, incident reports, scheduling, allowances, etc.

The Youth

The youth we serve are ages 12-18 who have generally been referred by their parents. They experience a range of behavioral, emotional, and mental health challenges from eating disorders and Oppositional Defiance Disorder to anxiety and depression. Youth range in their motivation level, but in general, thrive and allow their individual personalities and talents to show as they are given opportunities to develop self-worth, relationships with positive adults, leadership development, self-determination, and to explore their identity and interests in a safe, fun, and supportive setting.


  • No major driving citation in the last 5 years
  • Must be 21 or older due to UT state licensing for residential treatment centers
  • Must be able to pass a background check
  • Extremely professional
  • Dependable
  • Organized and proactive
  • Can commit for at least 1 year
  • Willing to commit to a lifestyle rather than a job
  • Must be able to connect to youth and form genuine, healthy relationships
  • Must be able to maintain appropriate boundaries and be a professional role model
  • Can share your personal hobbies, passions, and interests with youth to create a fun and active learning environment
  • Willingness and ability to use our treatment model effectively
  • Preferred experience or education in the field of social work, psychology, behavioral studies, etc.
  • Preferred manager experience or skill set, or aptitude toward effective leadership (can motivate others and hold them accountable, lead by example, willing to maintain administrative duties)
  • Preferred: Bachelor’s degree (but will hire based on right fit)