Sometimes it happens in bits and pieces. Other times all at once.  A feeling of contentment that takes you by surprise.  The realization that this place, this space, is where you feel like you breathe the easiest.  Where you are most mindful of your own presence.  Where you are your best self.

In my case it was a gradual reveling of this place, and it was my husband who discovered it first. I’ve lived lots of different places, nine states to be exact. I’ve also visit nearly every state and at least ten other countries and about twelve or thirteen islands. I enjoy traveling, but honestly, when pushed, have to admit that home is best for me.  Where I prefer to be. 

It came as something of a surprise to me, then, when Jeff looked at me in our rental car as we were headed towards the Ouray, Colorado and the San Juan mountains and said, “This is your place.” What does that mean?”, I asked him.  He said, “Every time we land here and get settled into our drive and you see the mountains, your entire face changes.” How so?”, I inquired.  Seriousness vanishes.  Intensity transitions to peaceful reflection. You are radiant, content.

I spent quite a bit of time that trip thinking about his observations and tried them on for myself.  I tested them again and again each time we traveled to this place, this space, where my spirit seemed to sing. To breathe. To be aware and be content with just being.  Yes, it’s true.  This is where this happens for me. This is the place where nature finds the best me in me.

It’s a busy world.  Crazy busy.  A never-not-connected world.  Adolescents, perhaps even more than adults, can benefit from this sort of awareness.  They’ve never know it. They of the generation of things that never turn off.

Including themselves. Of being mindful about their surroundings. Identifying the feelings that come up in certain spaces and places. A willingness to respect and show sensitivity to the impressions these leave on their hearts.  The ability to focus and pay attention. To connect with themselves. With a place that speaks to them. Quietly shouts to them, you are okay. You are worthy. There is no one like you.  And that’s okay. Perfect, in fact.