Woohoo! We are excited to announce that we have created a local group chapter of I Am That Girl here at Alpine Academy. You might be asking yourself “What is I Am That Girl?” I Am That Girl is an organization that has created an online and local communities throughout the world to empower and support young women across the world in loving and expressing themselves. There are currently well over a 100 local chapters and over 150,000 young women who have become a part of this empowering group. The organization states that I Am That Girl is “a community, a support system, and a movement inspiring girls to LOVE, EXPRESS and BE who they are.” The local chapters are groups that have been created to allow a safe space for young women to:
1) Be who they ARE instead of who they think they’re supposed to be
2) Have honest conversations about things that matter
3) Lift each other up

To be a part of the group, young women make the following pledge and seek to live it in their daily lives:
“I am perfectly flawed and sublimely beautyFULL. I am a constant work in progress. I recognize that what I admire in others also exists within myself. As a member of this community, I promise to collaborate instead of compete and remind other girls of their worth when they’ve forgotten. I’m on a mission to turn self-doubt in to self-love, to use my voice, to share my truth, to love others, and to leave this world better than I found it.”. What an incredibly empowering pledge for a young women to make! This group has created an amazing vision to support young women everywhere to overcome the world’s societies current epidemic of self-doubt.

The local chapter group that has been created here at Alpine Academy has already become a success among the girls. The girls that have been a part of the group have already started taking turns to lead the group discussions about various subjects that are important to them (including self-love, giving back, having positive body image, etc.). They had a lot of fun one day creating various empowering messages and quotes to post around the school on posters, post-it notes and balloons. Many of the girls have also expressed a desire to connect with others by establishing or connecting with the I Am That Girl organization after their stay at Alpine.

Click here to explore more about this great organization.