Our Leadership

We understand the importance of assembling a team that you can trust with the care of your student. The professionals at Alpine Academy bring a host of experience and expertise to all aspects of the program.

Team members are chosen not only for their credentials, but for their commitment to our mission and an unconditional regard for our students’ welfare. Alpine Academy team members come with dynamic talents, resiliency, and the ability to act as healthy role models to our students. Our team’s goal is for you to feel connected and supported throughout your teen’s treatment stay.

Christian Egan

Christian Egan is the Director of Alpine Academy. Egan has been with Alpine Academy for a number of years, serving as the Admissions Director before taking on the role of Director. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree from...

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Angie Alvey

Angie Alvey is the Academic Director at Alpine Academy. She has been with the Academy since 2006 and is passionate about her work. Alvey has a wide range of educational achievements including a BA in English, MS in Psychology, and a MEd in Educational Leadership...

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Jason Stout

Jason graduated from Brigham Young University in 2007 with a degree in Spanish and Business Management. He and his wife, Crystal, began working for Alpine Academy...

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Dustin Dowdle

Dustin Dowdle is the Clinical Director at Alpine Academy. Equipped with a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy (LMFT), Dowdle has...

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Lynnette Daybell

Lynnette and her husband were family teachers (live-in “house parents” that are trained and certified in the evidence-based Teaching-Family Model) at the...

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Jill McIntyre

Jill Mclntyre is the Business Development Director at Alpine Academy. She has worked at Alpine Academy for eight years in a variety of positions, including...

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Royal Robins

Royal Robins is the Admissions Coordinator for Alpine Academy. Equipped with a Bachelors of Science in Business Management, Robins has worked in a variety of roles...

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