Katie’s Story

Raina’s Story

Personal Care

“We cannot adequately express our gratefulness to Alpine Academy and the entire staff for the care they show to EVERY girl residing there.  We feel like our daughter is receiving the care on a 1:1 basis while knowing there are many other girls residing there as well.  The skills the staff exhibit far surpass any expectations we had in the beginning of this process.”

Listening and Validating Concerns

“The Therapist begins each family therapy session by asking if there is anything we would like to bring up/discuss.  He inquires about previous contact we had with our daughter between family therapy sessions.  He listens FULLY and does not interrupt to address our thoughts.  He takes everything in and then processes it carefully before responding.  His ability to listen to everything we have to say validates that our concerns are legitimate and important.”

What part of the Therapeutic services did you find most helpful?

“Our weekly family therapy conference call with the therapist and our daughter has been very helpful — teaching us how to improve our communication skills and giving us an understanding of the issues our daughter is working on.”

“The family therapy sessions have been huge, but the home-like environment may be even more vital.”

“The Therapist’s ability to understand the issues and motivations that each daughter presents.  And strategies to help them. I am looking forward to seeing the successes.

“Clearing the air between me and my daughter so that she could move forward in her therapeutic journey.  And training from staff about how to address behavior (or not address it, as the case may be) in addition to recognizing what various dynamics are in play (manipulation…).”

“Therapist seemed to know our daughter very well, as therapist communicated with rest of staff.”

Change and Patience

“We are farther along at this point than I thought we would all be.  Her stability has increased, and she has agreed to take medication and to participate in her own therapeutic (cognitive, behavioral) experience.  That is great.  The things that I am impatient with for her are things that just take time no matter how you slice it and have to play out.”

Resolving Issues

“My daughter’s level of stability and emotional well being has improved an incredible amount in just a few months!  She has become a great communicator thanks to her Therapist and Alpine in general, which goes a long way towards resolving issues before they escalate.  My daughter is also getting straight A’s, playing soccer, riding horses, and interested in family — all of which we hadn’t seen in her for years.”

Do you feel Support from your daughter’s Therapist?

“Absolutely!  She is great and enthusiastic with my daughter, which has allowed them to have a relationship. She reads her very well and ‘calls her’ on her baloney firmly, but in a nice and supportive way.  She is good at leading me through the discussion in family therapy on the phone by giving a descriptive dialogue about what my child is experiencing (facial expressions, tears, smiles, etc.) during the session.  She is also good at explaining to me where I fit in certain process so that I know how to behave to make things most productive for my child.”

Stark Comparison

“Although it doesn’t look like our daughter will finish in a year, we are very pleased with the structure of the Teaching-Family Model.  I found notes on another program we were considering at the same time as Alpine.  Some of the negatives it had was they had 52 girls in one house, with four to six girls per room.  The girls did not qualify for home visits for twenty four months, no matter what level they were on.  One of the consequences for negative behavior was to sit in a time out chair (SODAS certainly must be much more effective!)  The house felt claustrophobic, and they rarely left campus for offsite activities.  We are so glad Alpine differs in all of those areas!”

Achieving Success

“When we sent our daughter to Alpine, she was not able to function at home, or go to school.  We have seen her grow in confidence and achieve success in school.  She was/is immature, and not able to interact with peers.  She is now having success in this area.  The Alpine Academy has allowed her to develop and grow in a safe environment. The home/therapy/school program is very effective, and we feel fortunate to have found the ‘perfect’ location for her to sort out her life, and move forward strong and confident!”

First Home Visit

“In our daughter’s visit to our home, we saw a big difference in the way she related and behaved with all of us.  There was respect, she listened, she engaged. We do not know if this good behavior is a real change, or a temporary change that can rub off in a few weeks, but he changes we saw in her behavior, nevertheless, were very good.”

Relationship and Connection

“Alpine Academy was very cooperative, willing to answer questions, and offer assistance. They worked with me in planning several of our daughter’s home visits, her graduation ceremony, and her transition home.  They were responsive on phone calls, supportive of our daughter, and clearly caring individuals.  One of the Family Teachers gave her cheerleading pom poms, so my daughter would remember that she was cheering her on.  To me, that was the perfect analogy for their relationship.  The other Family Teacher gave her a guitar pick from a musician they both liked.  That reflected their relationship, and his connection with her through a dimension that is very important to her view of herself.”

Care and Respect

“We thought the program met the needs of our daughter very well.  It helped her take on responsibility for herself and taught her to control and recognize emotions she was not able to handle before.  Everything was done with care and respect for her, and we could not have asked for a better all around program.”

Alpine People

“The people at Alpine Academy are more than wonderful.  There isn’t a scale to adequately rate them at the level they deserve.  Thank you for all you’ve done for our family.”

Feels Close, Bonded, Trusting

“Both the Family Teachers know my daughter very well.  My daughter has gotten to know them well, and I know feels very comfortable going to them for any problem that needs solving.  The structure they provide is incredible.  My daughter, I believe, feels close, bonded, trusting, and wants to please in order to maintain good relations with them and all in the house.  She talks fondly about their personalities and has been enriched by knowing them, their hobbies, values, and kindness. ”

Family Teachers

“We think the world of the Family Teachers and feel incredibly lucky our daughter had the privilege to have them. We are hard pressed to imagine anyone performing better than they have.  Our daughter has blossomed beyond our expectations and very close to our hopes.  While she deserves a great deal of credit, as do others, the Family Teachers are a huge part of giving her the chance to grow and learn.  They have earned our respect, love, and admiration.”

Yoga and Meditation

“This is a wonderful program.  I sleep at night knowing our daughter is in such a safe and loving environment.  She has made progress and we see her smiling so much more that we’ve seen in a long time. She still has a long way to go but with the help of her family teachers we are confident she will continue to grow in her understanding of herself and in learning effective ways to cope.  We so appreciate the wonderful staff at Alpine including therapists, teachers, and staff.  I think yoga and meditation classes would be a wonderful addition to the curriculum.” (Since this comment was received, yoga has been added to the program).

Oasis in the Desert

“Alpine has been an oasis in the desert of available care for girls who struggle through life as my daughter does.  After several years of seeking help from such reputable establishments as UCLA and the Mayo Clinic, it took coming to a small town in Utah to find the kind of people who understood how to help her.  While she still has a ways to go, her maturity is far more developed than it was seven short months ago.  I feel confident that she’s in the right place to continue to learn and grow… a place that will encourage her to flower into a happy and healthy young woman.  Everybody from the Family Teachers, counselors, and doctors, to the teachers, and administrative staff have come together to make Alpine Academy a truly special place, and one my daughter and I are very grateful to have found.”

Consistent and Patient 

“Alpine Academy was consistent and patient with my daughter.  I was very, very pleased with how they treated her and really showed her how to bounce back and forgive herself because they had totally moved on from her outbursts.  This was invaluable to her and me.  They were very, very professional and cool.”

Benefits the Entire Family

“The most helpful part of the services is the consistent telephone calls updating us on our daughter’s current status.  The family teachers as well as the therapist’s consistent contact has not only helped our daughter, but has helped us to be extremely comfortable with the care she is receiving.  The therapeutic services have also helped us parents to see where we have room for improvement in how we parent our daughter.  I see it as systemic and benefits the entire family.”

Given a Chance

“Alpine has given our daughter a chance to once again be whole and at peace.  We had all but given up on ever being able to help our daughter and to continue living under the same roof with her.  Everyone that we have met at Alpine has been top notch.  The consistency in approach, technique, language among the staff both at school and at home and even on daily outings each and every day proves to be effective.  We have already recommended this program to many professionals here in California.  We found no program in California in the six years of struggling that can even come close to the Alpine program.  More families should be able to have access to programs utilizing the Alpine approach.  It works!  Thank you Alpine!”