Annessa Heaton

Campus LIFE Coordinator
Lakeview • Mountain View

Annessa is Alpine Academy’s Aftercare Coordinator. She first fell in love with psychology in high school back in 2000. Since then she has worked at counseling centers, residential treatment centers, wilderness therapy.

Annessa has been with the organization since 2010, and is very talented. She was one of our top family intervention specialists in our intervention branch, and is excellent at helping parents work with their children.

Annessa has volunteered in our state hospitals and high schools. She did missionary work for her church, and currently volunteers her time helping people train their dogs.

Music, gardening, swimming, and dogs are her top passions. She also plays the piano, flute, piccolo, organ, ukulele, and mandolin. She loves singing and has been performing musically since she was 5. She believes that “life is difficult and beautiful and it is okay to ask for and accept help during difficult times. Through the help of others we can fully experience the beautiful aspects of life.”

Fun Fact: One of her goals is to own an alpaca/goat farm.