Britt Powell

Behavioral Specialist
Mountain View

Britt is a Behavioral Specialist in our Mountain View school. In 2016, she began her career at Alpine Academy – first as an in-home Associate Family Teacher. While in the position, Britt certified in the Teaching-Family Model three times.

Prior to joining the Alpine team, Britt worked in a public school as a Behavior Specialist. Her experience in that position, as well as her work in our homes, made her the perfect fit for her current Behavioral Specialist for our academic program. Her overall philosophy when working with students is to be kind and understanding to everyone. She lives this philosophy every day as she supports students who are struggling and helps them self-regulate so they can get back into their classroom and be successful in their studies.

When not at Alpine, you will find Britt with her family and their pets, Artemis and Suki, the family cat and dog. Britt loves crafting and is an avid traveler and reader.

Britt is invested in getting to know Alpine staff and students. She is passionate in assisting our students in finding ways to be happy and successful.