Brittany Davies

Brittany Davies

Math, Consumer Math, Computer Tech & PE Teacher
Mountain View

Brittany is a multi-disciplined academic teacher at Alpine Academy. She has been with Alpine Academy since 2018 and enjoys seeing her students succeed and feels that each student teaches her something, too. 

She is skilled in her field, having earned a BS in Accounting, a PE Teaching License, and a certification in Special Education. Brittany is passionate about helping students realize that they can do math and that they can be good at it, too. 

Brittany loves sports, and has a lot of experience with basketball. She played for Dixie State University and coached the Stansbury High School Girls Basketball Team for many years. To say that Davies enjoys working with the youth is an understatement. She has volunteered with the youth, coached the youth, taught the youth, and has six children of her own. She believes that you should surround yourself with those who support and uplift you, and feels lucky to be working with the staff at Alpine who do just that.


  • BS in Accounting
  • PE Teaching License
  • Certification in Special Education