Cait Kartchner

Cait Kartchner, LCSW

Primary Therapist
Mountain View

Cait is a Primary Therapist at Alpine Academy. She earned her Bachelors of Arts in Philosophy from Brigham Young University, and her Master’s degree in Social Work from Simmons University. She is also certified in EAGALA Equine Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Interventions Therapy, Neurofeedback and EMDR Therapy.

Prior to Alpine Academy, Cait worked at a non-profit substance abuse treatment center as a Therapist, interned at an alternative high school, and worked as a school behavioral aid for autism spectrum disorder students. In addition to her position as a Therapist at Alpine Academy, Kartchner is currently an Emergency Room Crisis Worker.

Cait believes that all individuals are ultimately searching for meaning and purpose in their lives, and that relationships with others is the key to this goal. Her focus is on helping individuals develop greater self-worth, understanding, and healthy patterns to guide their lives. For Cait, It’s a true joy to participate in our youth’s journeys as they connect with their authentic selves, develop greater self-worth, and learn the skills for healthy living.


  • EMDR Certified
  • Eagala Certified (Equine therapy)
  • Cognitive Interventions Therapy Certified