Charity Judkins

Charity Judkins

English and Creative Writing Teacher
Lakeview • Mountain View

Charity is an English and Creative Writing Teacher at Alpine Academy. She earned her Bachelor Degree in Education from BYU, and is currently working toward earning a Master’s in Education at Moreland University. 

In the past, Charity has worked at a variety of educational settings, including public, private, and charter schools. She admires Alpine Academy’s ability to give peace and hope to those who need it most, and is grateful to be a piece of the puzzle that helps hope become a reality.

Charity enjoys reading and writing, and during the summer she enjoys hiking and exploring new places. In the past, she had the opportunity to night hike the Grand Canyon rim to rim, and this experience is one of her favorite experiences to date. She believes that being grateful leads to a beautiful life, and she keeps to this philosophy by being grateful for her coworkers and the work that she does with them to make the world a better place.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Education, Brigham Young University