Cody and Alexa Cramer

Family Teachers
Mountain View

From China to Utah, Alexa and Cody Cramer are all about kids!

Alexa and Cody Cramer are the Family Teachers in the Pine Canyon home. They have two small sons and love getting outside and spending time as a family. They enjoy hiking, golfing, swimming, fishing, going for bike rides, walks, and anything that involves them being together. They also enjoy relaxing at home and watching a good TV series or movie together. Their goal is to provide a home where students feel loved and can learn to be the best version of themselves that they can be.

Alexa earned her Bachelor’s degree from Utah State University in Psychology with a minor in Family Consumer Health Development. Her education and work experience with families and children make her a great fit for her position as a Family Teacher.

Alexus was a case worker for the Department of Child and Family Services where she worked closely with families. Her focus was on advocating for children as she helped guide families in creating healthy home environments. Before working at DCFS she worked in the special education field and assisted students with disabilities in one-on-one situations. Her main responsibilities were to assist students in completing their schoolwork, managing their emotions appropriately, and providing overall support to them when needed.

At a young age, Cody learned what it would be like to help students in a residential, family-like setting. As a child, his parents provided foster care in their home until he was 9. At 10 years old, his parents became Family Teachers at Alpine Academy for about a year. This is how he gained firsthand experience with the Teaching-Family Model and has felt its influence throughout his life.

Cody has also worked in Special Education as a Teacher’s Aid to students with learning challenges.

In the early years of Cody and Alexa’s marriage, they packed their bags and moved to China for four months and taught English to first graders. This was a great experience for both of them. They immersed themselves in the culture and thoroughly enjoyed working together as they helped children.

Cody has earned an Associates Degree from Utah State University and is currently working on completing his Bachelor’s degree as a part-time student in Business Administration through USU’s online program. His education and work experience has helped him prepare for managing a large Alpine Academy household.

Making a positive difference in others’ lives has always been a goal for each of them. Their loving, understanding, accepting, and kind personalities has help them create a positive, upbeat environment for students.