Dayran Watson

Dayran Watson

Behavioral Specialist

Dayran joined the Alpine Academy team in 2021 as a Behavioral Specialist for the Lakeview Campus school. Prior to Alpine he worked as a Family-Teaching Associate for several group homes at Utah Youth Village.

Dayran’s main focus is to genuinely listen to the youth with the intention to truly understand them. He wants each of them to know they have a voice in the way life unfolds for them at Alpine Academy and in their personal treatment process. He builds relationships of consistency and trust and teaches students social skills, coping skills, and relationship skills that promote progress toward healthy change.

Dayran has been certified in the Teaching-Family Model four times. He is experienced in helping students make changes that result in thinking before speaking and in considering the consequences of choices before acting. He appreciates that staff has the opportunity to work together with students in creating a pleasant, family-style environment. Doing chores together, helping with homework, and modeling positive behavior is his favorite way to teach the students.

Dayran loves to work and always has to be doing something. He thoroughly enjoys spending time with his beautiful family and is often contacted by Alpine graduates who want to share their ups and downs in life now that they are back at home.