Dwight Denman

Residential Supervisor
Mountain View

Dwight has been with the team for over three years, and started as a Family Teacher. He went on to become one of our Families First Specialists before becoming one of our Residential Supervisors.

Dwight started working in youth ministry followed by social work in healthcare fields such as skilled nursing and hospice.

He grew up in a rougher neighborhood where the expectations for youth were failure and illegal activities. Thankfully he had a supportive community that put him on a more productive path. Because of this, his passion is to see people grow and change through their struggles. He is comfortable working through conflict, and enjoys giving others the tools to get through it.

Dwight has five kids and a dog named Maddie. He really enjoys movies, music, and assembling legos and puzzles. He also enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking barefoot, snowshoeing and cycling.