Erika Smith

Spanish & PE Teacher
Lakeview • Mountain View

Erika is a Spanish & PE Teacher at Alpine Academy. She has been with Alpine Academy since 2016, and has taught many different courses including Spanish, Study Skills, English, and PE. Smith earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish Teaching at Brigham Young University, and hopes to continue her education in the future. 

In the past, Smith worked as the head coach of the Stansbury High School Volleyball Team. She loves sports and giving youth the opportunity to work hard at being the best they can be.

While her job at Alpine may be to teach the basics of how to communicate in another language, Erika believes that it is also about helping youth learn how to express themselves better and how to listen and learn from others. She loves teaching her students new things, seeing them step outside of their comfort zones, and seeing them grow from those experiences. 

Erika believes that Alpine Academy is a place that provides hope at a pivotal time in her students’ lives, and she is beyond happy to be a part of that process.