Jacob Geuss

Jacob Geuss

Residential Supervisor
Lakeview • Mountain View

Jacob is a Residential Supervisor at Alpine Academy. He has been with Alpine Academy since 2017, and is four times certified in the Teaching Family Model. He is POSI certified, a certified Youth Pastor, and is working towards his Bachelors of Science in Drug & Alcohol Counseling.

Prior to Alpine Academy, Jacob worked as a Police Officer and Youth Pastor, both of which gave him the opportunity to work with youth prior to becoming a Family Teacher. 

In his free time, Jacob enjoys hunting, listening to podcasts, and spending time with wife and three children.

Jacob enjoys his job as a Residential Supervisor, and seeing their lives change before his eyes. He believes that the most important part of his job is to keep the youth at Alpine Academy safe, and to build long lasting relationships over the course of his time in his position.