Jill Geuss

Jill Guess

Residential Supervisor
Mountain View

Jill is a Residential Supervisor for the Willow Creek and Cottonwood Grove homes on the Mountain View Campus. Prior to her position as a Supervisor, Jill and her husband, Jacob (also a supervisor), were the Family Teachers of the Pine Canyon home for three years. She has been certified in the Teaching Family Model four times and holds an Associate’s Degree in General Science. 

Prior to Alpine Academy, Jill was a youth pastor and professional nanny as well as a full-time mother.

Jill has three children and several animals including a Crested Gecko named Jehu. She played collegiate basketball and continues to enjoy basketball as well as softball, coaching, kayaking, camping, hunting, and video games. She avoids snakes at all costs!

Alpine Academy has taught Jill the value of patience and consistency. The youth have shown her that when consistency is present, trust is built. She has seen that respect and love can change their perspective. She has enjoyed the experience of having students go from saying, “I can’t and I don’t know how” to being able to problem solve, implement solutions, persevere and follow through with hard things, and find confidence in themselves.