Katie Farabee

Team LIFE Supervisor
Mountain View

Meet Katie Farabee, a dynamic individual who joined the Alpine Academy family in June of 2021. From the outset, Katie has been an integral part of the Pine Canyon team, progressing through various roles, starting as an Teen LIFE Coach, then advancing to Lead Teen LIFE Coach, and now serving as the dedicated Team Supervisor. In June 2023, she took on the additional responsibility of becoming one of Alpine’s Handle with Care instructors, showcasing her commitment to enhancing the skills and safety of the entire campus staff.

Katie holds two certifications in the Teaching Family Model, a testament to her dedication to professional development. Her ability to form meaningful connections with both youth and staff is evident, underpinned by her commitment to maintaining healthy boundaries and expectations within her home. With a talent for effective teaching and behavior shaping, Katie ensures that the home runs smoothly while fostering positive relationships with everyone under her care.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Katie’s diverse interests include painting, singing, swimming, video games, reading, and hitting the gym. Her canine companions, Tiny and Pandora, add joy to her life. An aficionado of horror movies and crime shows, Katie is also a part of a large family, with one of her brothers, Joe, working in the Boulder Ridge home. A fascinating fun fact about Katie is her aspiration to attend school to become a massage therapist. During her college days, she dedicated her time to volunteering, notably contributing to feeding the homeless in Pioneer Park.