Naomi Halterman

Director of People Operations
Lakeview • Mountain View

Naomi is over our Human Resources at Alpine Academy. She has an undergraduate degree in Human Sciences and is currently pursuing her masters in Human Resource Management. She is also three times certified in the Teaching-Family Model. Naomi has been with us for over 8 years in various capacities.

Naomi has an innate ability to connect with and understand people. She spent five years in our Families-First department implementing behavioral interventions inside recipient homes. Her combined skill sets and experience has shaped her into a great people Operations Director.

In her free time, Naomi enjoys hiking and exploring. She is an avid scuba diver and competitive pistol shooter. She loves boating and jet skiing in the summer. She is an advocate for any and all who are disadvantaged or misunderstood.

Naomi says, “The Teaching Family model has changed my life. It has affected me not only professionally, but personally as well. I use the Teaching Family Model in my marriage, with my kids, in the community, and in all my social interactions. It has improved me as a human being to my very core.”


-Masters, Human Resource Management
-BS, Family Science
-Certified in Teaching-Family Model, 3 times