Natalie Newbold

Awake Overnight Supervisor
Lakeview • Mountain View

Natalie Newbold is a dedicated member of the Alpine family since September 2022, serving on the Awake Overnight team. Enthralled by Alpine’s model and values during Pre-Service Training, Natalie quickly rose to lead the Awake Overnight Team in May 2023. Thriving in leadership, she excels at streamlining processes and guiding others to meet their goals for progress.

Outside of work, Natalie is a loving mother to four children and has been happily married to her husband Brett for eight years. Natalie’s natural fit for night shifts aligns with her lifelong struggle with insomnia. In her downtime, she indulges in reading, listening to loud music, and singing in her car, showcasing her ability to stay positive in challenging situations and thrive in chaos.

Natalie lives by the philosophy of “Better today than yesterday,” emphasizing continuous personal and collective growth. She carries her altruistic spirit into volunteer work with her church, aligning with her history of spending time in local retirement/assisted living homes during her youth. Natalie’s enthusiasm for Alpine’s mission and her dedication to positive change make her an invaluable asset to the team.