Royal Robins

Royal Robins

Admissions Director
Lakeview • Mountain View

Royal is the Admissions Director for Alpine Academy. Equipped with a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Management, Royal has worked in a variety of roles at Alpine Academy since 2012, including Family Teacher, Residential Supervisor, Admissions Coordinator, and now, Admissions Director.

Royal has worked in the treatment field for many years, having worked at another center for five years prior to his experience at Alpine Academy.

According to Royal, the most important part about being the Admissions Director at Alpine Academy is helping to give students the tools that they need to pursue the life adventures that they choose. He is inspired everyday by the student’s ability to grow and overcome challenges at Alpine Academy, and plans to work to help them do so by speaking with honesty, thinking with sincerity, and acting with integrity.

In his free time, Royal enjoys backcountry snowmobiling, and spending time with his wife and five children.