Travis and Abbie Klippel

Family Teachers

Travis and Abbie Klippel are the Family Teachers in the Cedar Creek home.

The Klippels are a family of four. Together, Travis and Abbie have a son named Bennett, and a little pug dog named Ned.

Abbie loves baking. Travis loves music. Together they enjoy playing outside with Bennett and Ned and watching movies together (Finding Nemo is Abbie’s favorite). Their hobbies include shopping and traveling together.

Travis joined the Alpine Academy team as an Associate Family Teacher early in 2021. He learned quickly that he has a passion for helping others, particularly teens who are struggling to overcome the challenges they have and begin to thrive in their lives.

Abbie has worked in several customer service roles before moving into administrative and leadership positions. She has excellent social and communication skills and enjoys working in a position where she can be with people.

Prior to Alpine Academy, Travis and Abbie were co-workers and often collaborated as they each taught classes on their college campus. This past working experience helped them realize that they truly love working together. This is one of the reasons why their positions as Family Teachers is ideal for them. Together, they are dedicated to finding ways to teach students and their families and to help them improve their lives and relationships.