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Campus Activities

Helping our students experience the world through different activities and adventures enriches their learning and therapeutic care. The treatment teams work with students in a variety of environments, which contributes to the overall effectiveness of care.

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    at Mountain View

    Athletic activity at Alpine Academy occurs in many different ways. The athletic program as a whole is designed to create opportunities with a variety of physical fitness activities, from meditative yoga to competitive play. Students at Alpine Academy will be able to experience physical activity, regardless of their individual skill, in a way that is fun and engaging.

    Local Recreation

    Alpine Academy is located next to a multitude of easily accessible activities and recreation. Within minutes of campus are hiking and horse trails, swimming, bowling, golf, and volunteer opportunities. Alpine students are able to participate in day trips to museums, arts festivals, state and county fairs, concerts, amusement parks, theaters, and a plethora of additional outdoor activities like skiing, snowboarding, hiking, ice skating, water parks, and sledding. Short activities like the ones listed here occur weekly and vary depending on the season.

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      Adventure Trips

      Alpine Academy participates in adventure trips where students and staff go camping overnight. During these trips the students have the opportunity to be challenged in a different environment, display the leadership and peer relation skills they’ve learned, and create memories that will last a lifetime. The emphasis is on growth and development, just as much as fun. These trips are for all students and the cost is included in tuition fees.


      Informal opportunities to exercise and be active are woven into the everyday routine at Alpine Academy. The Fitness and Arts Center creates a great place for gathering and having fun for all the homes. The Center is designed to allow a variety of activities to occur at once, keeping interest levels high, encouraging hours of active fun. Outside the fitness center is a large campus full of pathways that are great for biking, skateboarding, and running enthusiasts. The athletic field for those who want to be out in the sun, or in the snow, when they play.The objective of these facilities is to create accessible and entertaining ways for students to keep physically fit.

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        Team Sports

        Students at Alpine Academy get the opportunity to participate in intramural sports every quarter. This allows students who have a particular skill and interest in a team sport to be a part of a team and complete to improve those skills. The students work together as a home-team to compete against the students in other homes on campus in basketball, softball, volleyball, and ultimate frisbee. These sports competitions allow the students opportunities to learn new hobbies, stay active, and also practice good teamwork and sportsmanship.

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