The treatment philosophy at Alpine Academy is founded upon the principles of the Teaching-Family Model and enhanced by innovative clinical services. Every aspect of the program, from facilities to recreation, is carefully designed to create an intensive yet nurturing therapeutic experience.


Intensive therapeutic services are incorporated in every part of Alpine Academy. These services begin the day that a student is admitted. This includes focusing on:

Individualized Therapy Sessions
Family Work
Group Therapy
Specialty Group Therapy
Equine Assisted Psychotherapy
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    Residential Model

    The Residential Model at Alpine Academy stands out as one of our most unique programmatic elements. This model focuses upon psycho-educational skill development and clinical support delivered in a family-like setting that replicates “real life.”

    The psycho-educational skills development is delivered through the Teaching-Family Model. The Teaching-Family Model is one of the most researched and respected models of intervention in use today.

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      ASPIRE is an acronym for Alpine Student Preparation for Independence, Responsibility, and Education. The difference for ASPIRE students is that they live in a residential model that prepares them for young adult life.

      Family Weekends

      The only way to make lasting, long-term change is by addressing the whole system and working with all members of the family toward your student’s goals. From monthly family visits to quarterly workshops, we believe in the value of having family members there to support the student.

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        Medical & Psychiatric

        At Alpine Academy we understand the importance of medical and psychiatric treatment in conjunction with mental health services to deliver a well rounded, overall treatment experience. We offer quality services that are overseen by professionals, so that we can ensure that your child is given the best care possible.


        Each student and family that come through the doors at Alpine Academy becomes a part of our Alpine Family. As such, we feel a strong desire to help them be as successful as possible, even after they leave.