Donna Jenkins

Special Education Coordinator

Donna Jenkins earned her Mild/Moderate Special Education Degree from Utah State University. She has traveled the globe, experiencing teaching opportunities in Utah, Nevada, Idaho, California, and even Japan where she lived for three years. She loves to see the change that happens as students start to believe they can be more successful than they ever thought they could be. As the Special Education Coordinator Donna manages students’ IEPs and teaches reading and study skills. She stresses data-driven instruction and uses a focused curriculum to target student needs.

She has received local school district recognition for implementing best practice strategies in the classroom, and since joining Alpine Academy in 2010 she’s brought the same ingenuity to the academics here.  Donna has developed Alpine’s own Individual Learning Plan program, or ILP, so that each student has a comprehensive academic plan outlining their accommodations and special learning needs.  Her particular areas of interest are in ADHD, learning disabilities, emotional disturbance, brain development, non-verbal learning disabilities, and autism spectrum disorders.  Donna’s strengths as a long time educator are in her patience and ability to collaborate, which are critical to her current position

The oldest of nine children, eight of whom are girls, Donna is right at home on an all-girls campus! She now has six children of her own and loves to spend time with her family whenever possible.

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