Pegeen Liston

Math Teacher

Pegeen Liston has a degree in Spanish and Latin American Studies from the University of Florida and an Accounting degree from the University of North Florida. In the 80’s she made the switch from being an accountant to the much more exciting profession of teaching, working with students throughout the years in New York City, Florida, Georgia, and now Utah. Pegeen loves math and the challenge of teaching math to students who are convinced it’s too hard, only to see the relief on their faces when they realize they can do it.

In addition to teaching, Pegeen has worked for the Migrant Education Agency in Georgia and Florida where she organized summer camps for the children of migrant workers, has been a translator for Workman’s Compensation, and helped organize 60 soccer games per weekend in Florida. She believes in staying busy and learning new things every day, and she currently takes a welding class at Salt Lake Community College.