Brittany Bitters, CSW


  • EAGALA Certified
  • EMDR Trained

Brittany received her Bachelors degree in Sociology with a focus on Criminology and Corrections in 2016. Her time studying allowed her to develop a passion for social justice and working towards improving the lives of all vulnerable populations. This has greatly influenced her work with adolescents and women, focusing on a person centered, systems approach.  She has spent time working in hospitals (including psychiatric hospitals) as a CNA and psychiatric technician, and also worked in a local school counseling office.

Brittany went back to school and graduated with a Masters in Social Work with a focus on Mental Health. During her time in this program she was able to spend a year at University Neighborhood Partners, a community center. There she worked with refugee and immigrant populations, where she assisted in community development and case management. In addition, she spent majority of her time at an elementary school where she provided individual counseling, group work and assisted in IEP’s. Brittany loves working with children and adolescents, and enjoys watching them navigate this world and find their own strengths.

Brittany also spent some time at the University of Utah’s Women’s Resource Center. While there she went to a local middle school and taught the girls about empowerment, social skills, and higher education. She was also a mentor to four college Freshmen where she helped to guide and motivate them through their first year of college. In addition to programming, Brittany was also a part of the clinical team where she provided individual counseling to female students and staff. She primarily worked with individuals experiencing high levels of distress caused by stress, depression, anxiety, sexual assaults, and domestic violence. Brittany has also worked with a Women of Color support group, allowing a space for these women to develop their voices and find connection on campus and in the Salt Lake community.  

Brittany believes that all things are interconnected and influence behaviors; this includes a person’s personality, cognitive abilities, physical health, social groups, families, traumas and society. Brittany believes that those we work with deserve a holistic approach that will look at all areas of a person’s life, experiences and development. This is why she values individual, family and group work. Each area is vital for each girl’s growth and healing. She fully believes that connection is everything for human beings, this includes to oneself, to their environment, and individuals in their lives. As Brene Brown states,  “Connection is why we’re here. It’s what gives purpose and meaning to our lives. It’s neurologically how we are wired. It’s why we are here.” Brittany lives by this and incorporates this into all of her work and personal life.

On a personal note, Brittany loves spending time with her husband and two daughters.  Being outdoors is one of her favorite things; camping, watersports, snowboarding, four-wheeling, hiking, and softball are some of her favorite activities. She loves writing and books, because through these things she gains more knowledge about the world and herself. Music and creative outlets are some of her favorite things and she hopes to incorporate this into her work with the girls at Alpine.

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