Shawn Talbot, ACMHC


  • EAGALA Certified
  • DBT Trained
  • Sand Tray Trained
  • Brief-Solution-Focused Trained
Prior to working in the therapeutic field, Shawn had an amazing career within the equine industry, working with several champion horses and winning national titles. Through this career Shawn gained extensive knowledge and experience with diverse communication and approach techniques. He began his therapeutic career at a residential facility in Texas where he was hired to create and spearhead an equine program geared towards individual growth and development along with family systems. While there, Shawn completed a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Counseling and Family Therapy, and began working as a therapist. He later served as the Program Director as well.
Shawn’s time at this program gave him a wealth of experience working with Attachment needs, Family Systems, self-harming behaviors, Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, and other challenges. Shawn operates from a structural-based approach centered on attachment styles within the family system. His focus is to assist individuals with understanding and developing their roles within the family system. 
Through his professional and personal experiences, Shawn has learned the value of family and loves to spend time with his family; his lovely wife Laurel, daughters Jaycie and Jessica, sons Rick, Connor, Getch and, most recently, a grandchild, Asher. Shawn and his wife were blessed with the opportunity to adopt their most recent addition to the family system. His move to Utah was primarily brought on by the opportunity to be closer to members of his and his wife’s families.  When not working with horses, Shawn enjoys outdoor activities such as tennis, mountain biking, and other family-centered recreation. 

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