Brad Norman

Residential Supervisor

Suze Larson

Residential Coordinator

Aly Peiffer

Residential Supervisor

Tanya Stevenson

Residential Supervisor

Matt and Heather Omer

Family Teachers – Gene Smith Home

George & AnneMarie Skudlarek

Family Teachers – Cottonwood Grove Home

Laurel Dexheimer

Family Teacher – Mountain Birch Home

Katie Phillips

Family Teacher – ASPIRE

Roxy Dicamillo & Cesar Ochoa

Family Teachers - Willow Creek Home

Brenan and Marlena Thompson

Family Teachers - Oak Ridge Home

Jacob and Jill Geuss

Family Teachers - Pine Canyon Home

The skills the staff exhibit far surpass any expectations we had in the beginning of this process.

There isn’t a scale to adequately rate them at the level they deserve. Thank you for all you’ve done for our family.

Our daughter talks fondly about the Family Teachers’ personalities and has been enriched by knowing them, their hobbies, values, and kindness.

While she deserves a great deal of credit, as do others, the Family Teachers are a huge part of giving her the chance to grow and learn.

We think the world of the Family Teachers and feel incredibly lucky our daughter had the privilege to have them.

The Family Teachers’ as well as the therapist’s consistent contact has not only helped our daughter, but has helped us to be extremely comfortable with the care she is receiving.