DezMarie Morrill

Family Teacher – ASPIRE

DezMarie joined the Alpine Academy team in 2014 as an Associate Family Teacher in the ASPIRE program. As an Associate, DezMarie was able to demonstrate her ability and proficiency by earning two certifications in the Teaching-Family Model. When the position as Family Teacher for that home opened up early in 2017, DezMarie was excited to step into the new role.

DezMarie enjoys gatherings with friends and family to play games, sing Karaoke, go camping, and learn fun and new things. She believes that laughing out loud is not only allowed, but also encouraged. She also enjoys spending time with her two babies, chihuahuas named Bambi and Independence (Indee for short).

DezMarie graduated from Utah State University (Go Aggies!!) Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelors of Social Science. Her degree was Social Work with a minor in Psychology. DezMarie worked for 5 years at a Chemical Weapon Demilitarization Facility where she learned a lot about the importance of following instructions, having systems in place, and how to create a safe work environment. It was there she earned the nickname “Safety DezMarie”. Following her work at that facility, DezMarie worked for Tooele Valley Youth Services. In this role, DezMarie was able to work with adolescents in crisis by helping with support groups and intakes.

During her work at Youth Services, DezMarie discovered her passion for teaching and inspiring the rising generation. She loves her work at Alpine Academy for the same reason. She is excited to be able to praise, encourage, and build up the students of the ASPIRE program. She is looking forward to using her unique experiences and abilities, along with the Teaching-Family Model, to support and guide her youth into the bright futures they may not yet be able to see themselves capable of.