Cayson and Raquel Sheffield

Family Teachers – Willowcreek Home

Cayson has a bachelors degree from Utah Valley University and a background in education with youth. He comes from an at risk high school where he taught PE. His passion in life is helping youth and children in need. He had the opportunity to live in Japan growing up and has travelled all over the world. He loves being immersed in a new cultures and is always on the hunt for a new experience for the family. Cayson also loves basketball and is a major foodie.

Raquel comes from a long history of project management in marketing. She studied art at Utah Valley University and is passionate about helping other women develop their talents. Raquel loves baking, listening to self-help podcasts and all things girl-power.

Cayson and Raquel have been dreaming of a way that they can dedicate their lives to helping youth and are thrilled at the opportunity to do just that. They maintain an inclusive home where diversity is celebrated and everyone is welcome.