George and AnneMarie Skudlarek

Family Teachers – Cottonwood Grove Home

George and AnneMarie Skudlarek came to Alpine Academy with a wealth of personal and professional experience that helped prepare them for the essential role of Family Teachers to bring hope, compassion, and support to the youth in their home.

George and AnneMarie married in 1997 and have 4 amazing children. Two of their children are young adults, in college and working and living their own lives. George and AnneMarie’s younger daughters live with them in the home at Alpine Academy, helping to bring that true family feel to the Cottonwood home.

AnneMarie has a Graduate Degree in Counseling and worked as mental health counselor in day schools and a community based nonprofit organization. George found a love for woodworking and carpentry and ran his own business for many years. Prior to joining Alpine Academy, George and AnneMarie also worked in another residential treatment center, with AnneMarie managing the milieu (residence) and George doing materials management.

George and AnneMarie love doing things together as a family, including camping, hiking, exploring any new territory, national parks, amusement parks, live theater, musicals, music concerts, sports, going for walks, etc. Speaking of the opportunity to be Family Teachers and Alpine Academy the Skudlarek’s say, “there is nothing more rewarding to us than to help a young person.  We feel it is our life’s purpose to help others. We don’t take this opportunity lightly or for granted.”