Haydn and Samantha Jessup

Family Teachers – Mountain Birch Home

Haydn and Sam joined the Alpine Academy team as Family Teachers with a strong desire to share their life experiences and passion with the youth in their care.

Haydn studied Spanish and Psychology and then went on to earn a Master’s degree in Social Work. Haydn worked as a therapist in various capacities, including two years as a primary therapist at Alpine Academy. Sam earned an English degree and then went on to complete training and certification to become an English teacher at a local high school. When the opportunity presented itself for them to work together alongside the students at Alpine, they were excited to jump into their new roles.

Haydn and Sam live in the Mountain Birch home with their three young children who love spending time and have fun with the Alpine students. As a family they enjoy gardening, spending time outdoors, playing games, and spending time together.

Haydn and Sam are dedicated to providing a home where their students can feel safe and loved and are given opportunities to learn and grow together. Their goal is to help all their students learn to develop meaningful relationships and learn to be successful in life.